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Multi-Bag Manufacturing

How Poly Bags Are Made

At Multi-Bag Manufacturing, we employ a blown-film extrusion process to create the plastic material used for poly bags. After the plastic is extruded and wound onto rolls, our poly bag production machinery customizes bags by sealing and cutting them to meet the unique specifications of each client. Here's an in-depth exploration of the poly bag manufacturing process.

Fundamentals of Poly Bag Measurement
Key Points to Keep in Mind When Measuring Poly Bags

When it comes to assessing poly bag sizes, it's essential to understand how to interpret the dimensions provided by the manufacturer. Regardless of the poly bag's shape or size, the width always comes as the first measurement. Refer to the chart below for a quick reference on how to measure poly bags based on their style.

  1. Start by measuring your product. Before deciding on the appropriate poly bag size, it's crucial to have precise measurements of your product. This step ensures you select the right-sized poly bag for your order.

  2. Consider the poly bag's opening dimensions. Always ensure that the poly bag's opening size comfortably accommodates your product's unique specifications.

  3. Need assistance? Don't hesitate to consult the experts! If you're new to measuring poly bags, remember that these instructions serve as a starting point. The team at Multi-Bag Manufacturing is readily available to provide direct assistance in finding the ideal poly bag size for your specific requirements.

Following the blown-film extrusion process, we convert the plastic rolls into poly bags by following these steps:

  1. The rolls of plastic tubing or sheeting are initially guided through a machine that pulls the material to the required length.

  2. The machine then applies a seal to the material at the appropriate length and proceeds to cut it, creating individual poly bags.

  3. This sequence is repeated until we've produced the necessary quantity of poly bags for a specific order.

Manufacturing Poly Bags from Plastic Rolls

Understanding How to Measure Poly Bags

Poly bags, though modest in size, play a pivotal role in product packaging. Irrespective of the nature of your products, it's crucial to select the appropriately sized poly bag. Opting for the right size ensures a snug fit for your items, preventing unnecessary expenditure on excess material. Utilize the provided graphic to learn how to measure poly bags accurately, enabling you to request a precise quote and receive the correctly sized bags.

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